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Toptipsters Table

Results shown are for the previous 90 days (Register to see more options)

Tipster Bets Tips
per day
Rate (%)
Graph Cost
SPRINT SPECIALISER👍💷 156 0.61 10.54 17.95 125.25 31.63 7 / 9 (77.78%) See graph £34.99 Yes
SG RACING 140 2.15 6.78 32.86 82.64 28.70 2 / 3 (66.67%) See graph £34.99 No
Peter James 216 0.50 5.39 36.11 55.86 25.28 12 / 15 (80%) See graph £34.99 Yes
Early Price Profits 841 7.01 10.81 17.95 43.51 3.39 2 / 4 (50%) See graph £34.99 No
www.saffron racing 97 0.51 8.84 17.53 19.98 19.58 4 / 7 (57.14%) See graph £34.99 No
BLUE RIBBON TIPPING SEVICE 154 4.16 6.37 22.73 12.12 4.72 1 / 2 (50%) See graph £34.99 No
TipsterPro 30 0.83 3.89 43.33 4.28 10.71 2 / 2 (100%) See graph £34.99 No
Sims Racing 48 1.85 7.03 37.50 -7.50 -8.33 0 / 1 (0%) See graph £34.99 No
J k,s racing service 63 0.36 2.49 33.33 -29.07 -18.06 2 / 6 (33.33%) See graph £34.99 No
Leisure Sports Services. 319 1.44 10.06 15.36 -123.70 -13.79 4 / 8 (50%) See graph £34.99 Yes
EachWayAccas 387 0.59 9.76 13.95 -317.40 -27.53 12 / 22 (54.55%) See graph £34.99 No
The mole 0 0 / 1 (0%) See graph £34.99 No

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So, whether you are a tipster or a punter, open an account with toptipsters and start making money out of racing.

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SG Racing Add Spice to the Mix

SG Racing, who made an impressive Toptipsters debut in July, consolidated that first effort with another strong showing in August. And, at the time of writing (7 September) they are moving in the right direction again this month. The bare bones of SGs performance reads impressively. A 63.58% return on investment has yielded a 105.54-point profit. Impressive stuff.

It sounds obvious but to achieve a long-term profit, a tipster needs to maintain a decent strike-rate with winners at favourable odds. For example, to profit from a 20% strike-rate, a service must regularly fire in winners at better than 5/1. A 50% strike-rate will only sustain a profit with a frequent supply of better than even money victors. Using this rule of thumb, SG pass with flying colours as their strike-rate of 37.50% has been achieved with tips averaging out at more than 5/1.

August’s return, for instance, included a 5/1 winner, one at 11/2, one at 6s, two at tens and Easton Angel, a winning 12/1 advice at York (19 August).

SGs emergence has added a new flavour to the Toptipster challenge; already this new service has reached third place in the 2016 table, behind Sprint Specialiser and EachWay Accas.

SG Racing’s August return of 36.58 points was bettered by just two services: Leisure Sports Services (41.90 points) and Sprint Specialiser, whose 57.50 points earned top position for the third time in four months and ensured the 500-point profit barrier for 2016 was reached.

Sprint Specialiser’s table-topping effort was aided by a fine run of wins at Thirsk. Teetotal (8/1) and Stanhow (10/1) scored on the 15 August, while 16/1 advice Ocean Sheridan triumphed at the north Yorkshire track on 28th. This was the second winning 16/1 following on from Invincible Ridge, who struck at Ayr on 6 August.

Leisure Sports Services nabbed their own 16/1 stunner, Wall Of Fire (York, 20 August) and also secured ten winners in the 11/2 to 10/1 price bracket.

Yorkshire also provided with a number of good-priced winners in August, notably Mehronissa (Pontefract, 14 August). Another 10/1 winner, Rosebride, was secured at Leicester (25 August) which helped to secure a 16.50-point profit and fourth place in the August listings.

Also in the black in August were Peter James and JK’s Racing Service. In James’ case, this was an eleventh month of profit from 14, while JK’s Racing Service maintained a commendable level of consistency throughout the month with 28 out of 36 selections finishing in the first three.

These are exciting times at Toptipsters with new impressive services appearing on a regular basis. Their progress can be followed on this site, and via the twitter feed on this page.  

Article Published: 08/09/2016

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