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Virtual Horse Racing vs Reality

Published: 10/05/2017

William Hill is one of the biggest online betting sites for the UK, especially when it comes to horseracing for the English market. Most of its markets are from England, Australia and the US, but there is also a fourth option to bet on Virtual Horseracing.

Virtual Horseracing is more of a video game or AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlled raced, there are no users or any type of human hand controlling the horses. Races are offered more frequently every 5 minutes on 5 different race courses.

The graphics are eye catching with very realistic environments and racetracks. Horses and jockeys are animated; the whole virtual experience is probably what attracts most players instead of the actual handicapping, which there is virtually none.

Can You Handicap on Virtual Horse Race Betting

Not much, although experienced players in the matter do claim there is a certain type of skilled In the horse selection.

You see, there is a long list of virtual horses that have odds based on the past performances and which stats its creator decided to give them.

Here is where the main difference lies compared to real horseracing; the odds are 100% true. If you have a horse with odds of 5/2 vs. 14/1, the favorite will win in most probability 60% to 70% of the time.  But there is always that 30% in which a long-shot can win the race with high paying odds.

In real life handicappers make a successful living by selecting a horse with better odds of winning a race based on their grading exercise compared to what the bookie decided those odds are. The whole process is very complex and requires years of practice, in most cases a tutor passes down his knowledge to a student.

Virtual Horse Racing is for Gamblers

So the question is who should play at virtual sports?

If you enjoy the art of handicapping, stay with traditional horserace betting. With William Hill you get top notch horse racing odds 24/7 365 days a year. Bet Now!

If you are more the online casino user that enjoys online slots, virtual horseracing is for you. It requires little skill with maybe a few tricks by knowing which horse to select in comparison to the contenders. Still, the game is more left to chance.

Horses do increase their odds or decrease on them depending on the position they finish a race. It is the AI that decides by chance which horse beats the other; all we know are the probabilities.

The entire game is very entertaining and created for the purpose of entertaining the average online gambler that wishes to try its luck on some other games while a race begins.

Virtual horseracing comes with the added benefits of not having to wait for specific times for the race to begin, no drop outs or injury, and most importantly no bribing. There is however weather eventualities that affect the races and horses and users can watch the entire race as it happens.

Other Virtual Sports

Virtual horseracing is just one of the many virtual sports in offer by William Hill. We can find virtual football, auto racing, motorcycle racing, cycling and hound racing. If casino games are something you might be into but enjoy a change in style, try out some virtual sports betting for a chance, they are way more entertaining than online slots for certain.