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  • We don't sell your data to others
    We only take the minimum data required to provide the services (often just a name, password and email address, with an optional mobile number), and will never sell this to a third-party.
  • Don't like emails?
    We'll only send you emails regarding the services you ask for, plus the occasional update if you opt-in when confirming your email address. To change your notification settings, look under your Profile once you've signed up.
  • We don't do odd things with your data
    We don't use any automated decision making software to track you, or move your data outside the EU without strong protections. We do back it up, keep it secure and keep payment records etc as required by law.
  • Leave at any time
    If you ask us (there's a button under your Profile) we'll delete your data at any time, with the exception of payment data as required by law.
  • Any questions?
    If you want more info about the data we hold, or want us to do something with it, you can always email us at If you have complaints about how we handle your data you're entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Our full privacy policy can be found here.