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When are Races/Tips Settled

Tips are settled by 7am each morning following the previous days racing and the site is updated then.

How Much do Tips Cost

Tipsters can choose one of three price bands to charge. They can only change a price range once a month and once a punter pays a subscription, that price is locked in for the period.

Cost to Punter

Band A

1 month 34.99

3 months 84.99

12 months 309.99

Band B

1 month 49.99

3 months 124.99

12 months 449.99

Band C

1 month 64.99

3 months 159.99

12 month 570.99

I have Forgotten my Password

Please use our Forgotten Password System to reset your password. If you still experience problems then please email us with details.

What is B.O.G. or 'best odds guaranteed'?

Best Odds Guaranteed, or B.O.G., is an offer made by all of our bookmakers where, if you take a price and the SP (starting price) of the horse is bigger, they give you the SP.

It's a great system, which gives punters a genuine change of making money! It also benefits our tipsters as they are awarded SP by our system if it is bigger than their recommended price.

For Tipsters

How can I become a tipster?

Simply open up a tipster account, pay our yearly fee for hosting your service and start tipping. We'll handle notifying your users, user payments, proofing and will help with promoting your service.

Why do I have to pay to tip?

It's important that we charge tipsters to be on our site. Partly, this helps keep our site funded, but more importantly, it ensures that all tipsters on our site are serious and won't stop tipping as soon as results go against them. On sites which are free, tipsters simply stop and open up a new accounts when the going gets tough.

Why can't I give tips just before the off?

We make our tipsters enter selections at least 30 minutes before the start of the race. This is to ensure that their members have time to receive the tips and get bets on.

How do I change my logo/background/colours?

- Login and go to your tipster admin page

- Select My Tipster Page on the left hand side

- Upload logos to replace the placeholders / change the colours to suit your brand

- Click Save Changes to upload your new logo

How to Upload Image to Tipster Page

Login and go to your tipster admin page

Select My Tipster Page on the left hand side

Click the arrow next to Design Your Page to expand the page design options

Upload a logo to replace the placeholder (the B)

Click Save Changes to upload your new logo

Are My Bank Details Secure

When you enter your bank details for us to pay you we do not store them electronically.

We use them to set your payment details up at Metro Bank who are our Corporate Bankers and they store all payment details.

No electronic copy of your banks details is maintained.

How Long Before a Race Must I Enter Tips

Tips must be updated on ‘The Site’ 30 minutes before a race

Please Explain Price Plans

The site offers a range of price plans you can select which ever one you wish to charge your service at.

Price plans can be changed, but only once per month.

Customers signing up to a price plan only after it has changed will be charged the new price plan

How Many Tips Per Day can I Make

Tipsters can choose to have up to 10 selections on any one day

Can I Change a Tip Once Entered

Once you have entered and saved a tip it cannot be changed even if it is more than 30 minutes before a race. You can make a new tip but not change the original one as this will have been sent out to your subscribers.

How Many Tips Each Month Must I Make to Stay Active

A tipster must place 2 tips per calendar month to be considered an active tipster, if a tipster does not place two bets in a calendar month their service will not show on any performance until the account is active again.

Can I Promote My Tips Anwhere

Tipsters can promote their services on blogs, social media, chat forums, twitter etc. But tipsters must not encourage customers to subscribe to their service via any other means other than via ‘The Site’

Can I Change My Service Name

Tipsters can change password, email, but not change Service Name. This is to stop tipsters changing service names if they become unprofitable.

I am VAT Registered

On registering to be a Tipster, the Tipster must declare if they are VAT registered. If the tipster is in any way in doubt they should check with HMRC, guidance is provided here:

Any tipster requiring a VAT invoice for the annual fee paid should write to:

What About VAT

All money paid by the site to a Tispter is deemed to be inclusive of any VAT that the Tipster may owe HMRC. It is up to the Tipster to declare to HMRC their income and the relevant VAT on their subscriptions.

I want to Recommend a Price on Another Bookmaker

We have tried to cover all the main bookmakers in our drop down selection table. It will always be impossible to cover every bookmaker but hope that the wide selection we offer will cover your requirements most of the time. If you have a bookmaker you believe we should feature then please contact us and we will consider it.

Can I See My Subsribers

Yes on the account page you can see how many people have subscribed to your service and what your profit for that month is.

How Do I See How Much Money I have Made

On your account page you can see your profit for each month.

Who Sends the Tips Out

TopTipsters sends the tips out to each of your subscribers by email and/or SMS. If they are sent an email then they are also sent any commentary that you have entered with tips.

For Punters

Who Am I Buying Tips From

You are buying the tips directly from the tipster. TopTipsters and Sporting Sites Worldwide are only acting as an agent introducing you to the tipster and collecting the subscription on behalf of the tipster.

When Are Tips Sent Out

Tips are sent out as soon as the tipster enters them by either SMS or Email or both - depends on your selection. This is a minimum of 30 minutes before a race.

Can I Get a Refund

You have agreed as part of the T&C's to waive any rights under the Distance Selling (Consumer Protection) Regulations 2000 to an automatic cancellation of their subscription within a seven (7) day period, on the basis that you will have access to the services before the expiry of this seven (7) day period. However, we may at our sole discretion offer a refund or cancellation of the subscription payment.

If you wish to request a refund, please contact us at

Refund or cancellation of subscription payment can only be made in the event of a customer: 1) successfully completing a subscription payment and 2) subsequently NOT logging on to protected content areas at any time throughout the duration of the completed subscription period. If you have not entered into any of the protected access areas following a subscription payment, you may be eligible for a refund.

At the management of ‘The Site’s discretion, refunds may also be made for other reasons.

The Tipster Stopped Tipping

TopTipsters does not control or employee the tipster. We are just an agent, we cannot therefore control if they stop tipping, or take a break during the period you have a subscription. We will work with you to approach the tipster to try and obtain a refund but this is not something that can be guaranteed.

My Favourite Bookmaker Prices are Now Shown

We have tried to show prices from the most popular bookmakers. We cannot feature every bookmaker however if there is a bookmaker you believe we should be showing prices from then please contact us and we will consider it.

I am a punter, why aren't there any free trials?

We believe that the tipsters on our site are worth paying for. If one offers a free trial, it creates an imbalance with the other tipsters.