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How our service works


If you are a tipster looking to provide your own service, Toptipsters can help. For a small cost we can set you up with you own web page which you can customise and enter tips on using 6 B.O.G. bookmakers to ensure you recommend the best price. We will manage all your subscribers and pay you 60% of their subscriptions automatically. All you need to worry about is tipping!


Tipsters: proof your tips on Toptipsters

  • Get an online presence, update your own pages
  • Enter your selections with live recommended prices and B.O.G.
  • All payments automatically made to you

Get your web page


If you are a punter looking for a tipster service with a proven track record you have come to the right place. Compare the services on toptipsters and find one that is right for you. Once you have subscribed you can opt to receive your selections via SMS and email in addition to viewing them on our site.


Find all the best Tipsters in one place

  • See how tipsters really perform before signing up
  • View performance against REAL recommended prices or SP
  • Receive tips by SMS or email

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