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How horse riders and trainers effect horse betting odds

Published: 08/05/2021

You can follow the best horse in horse racing history, at the end of the day the 2 most important elements that affect horse betting are jockeys and horse trainers. With each race that comes along, both the jockey and the trainer work with horses in readiness for the big race, pushing boundaries, and finding ways and means to get the duo (horse + jockey) at the top of the chain. If you thought that it was all down to the horse and his winning blood lineage, think again.  Horse racing as we know it today is a multi million dollar business, and both the jockey and the trainer play a massive role in the odds, bets and performance of the horse competing.

If you dig deep in the internet, you will find UK betting sites for horse racing are available in abundance. Some offer the major horse racing odds, and other sites also offer odds and bets on some of the most prominent horse racing events happening across the globe.  Today we have a look at how the horse racing team leaves on overall mark, and what are the elements and traits to look at before placing all your sports betting money on one single horse.

Horse Trainers: How they mould odds without knowing

You cannot just grab the average Joe off the streets and ask him to train horses that are in elite and established races.  That just does not happen.  When horses reach a certain level of competitiveness and are deemed horses that really make it to the top ranks, they get professional horse trainers.  These trainers would form part of horse racing federations, associations and most probably have had a career with a very established horse stables. Just like football coaches, in football, once you get a new coach in, there is fresh blood, and with a good reputation behind his belt, the football coach could get the team to new heights.  The same thing happens with horses. If a horse trainer is well known and established in the market of horse racing, you would expect that the horse that he is training will also do well, or better in competitions. A good track record under the trainers belt always does help the odds in horse racing. Fact.


Another fact that does have an effect on an outcome of a race is travel time. Travel time and making your way abroad with a race horse is not an easy task. A trainer and jockey would need to plan in advance for that, a horse would need to rest after a trip, and also training grounds would need to be found at the destination of the race. All of these elements will have a toll on both the jockey and the horse.  On the other hand, Uk betting sites for horse racing advise that if a race is held at home, the jockey and the horse will have better odds at winning the overall race.

The importance of horse trainers form

Before you place a bet on any sport or a sporting event, the best way to start is by reading betting guides to understanding the betting strategies. If you are betting on horses, it is also a good idea to have a look at the horse’s track record within other competitive races. If you have stables with a sudden illness with some of the horses falling sick, make sure that you keep a mental note of that, as that too could be an aspect to consider when placing a bet on horse racing. Check out the stable new, and make sure you keep track of all the horses that you are following or betting on.

Horse trainers also play a big role in the success of your horse racing bet.  If you want to successfully make a profit from your bet, keep track of the track record of the trainers. Look at stables recruiting specific trainers over the other, as this could be crucial. And keep in mind that the underdog horse of today could be tomorrow’s star, especially for winning and losing horses from the same stables.

Horse Statistics

If you are new to visiting uk betting sites for horse racing, you might be in luck, as most of the major betting sites have betting guides for you to binge.  The major horse racing sites also update horse statistics every 14 days, so you can also keep track of all the latest race timings for the biggest horses out there.

Some of the most sophisticated and advanced sites for horse racing also offer the overall season best stats, and also previous year.  This is also vital information that could help you land that winning horse racing bet.

Horse Trainer Statistics

A horse trainer that pushes the limits, is normally a winning one.  You will find many horse trainers across the globe, but only a few have produced winner after winner. Reputation and previous winning statistics are quite important. If the horse you are following has a new trainer, it would be essential to check if the trainer has won any other big races with other horses. If yes, was this a one time wonder or was it a winning steak with a set of horses?  If the trainer has a good track record with various horses, and led many horses to glory, this is where you should place your bet. 

You will find many horse owners that fork out a massive fee to get an international mare, one wit a great bloodline. If the horse has winning ancestry, then you expect that this horse will get the top notch trainer that he deserves.  The horse betting world is worth millions of pounds, and millions that horse trainers have a massive impact on.

Jockeys too influence horse racing bets, here is how

A jockey is as crucial as the horse in many instances.  You can have a great head, but without the neck moving the head you have nothing. Same applies with horse racing.  You can have a winning horse, but if the jockey is not in top form, you can just forget winning.  This is the reason that jockeys are changed sometimes, and horse riders may vary from race to race.

Horse owners invest ample money in the horse racing business, so when they trust their horse to be trained at a particular stable, they just want the very best.  Following a non successful win, the horse owners might ask for a change in rider, just to unleash the true potential of the horse in the next race.  The relationship between a jockey and a horse has to be there for the horse to win a race.  This is just common knowledge.

Horse jockeys can either be tied to a horse stable and will ride the horses that the stables will have for the season. Alternatively, they can work on freelance basis, and just like Hollywood actors, they get booking via their booking agents. Of course if a specific horse rider has a good track record, and they opt to ride again with a specific stable / horse, the bookmakers will adjust the odds according to previous races and statistics attained by the jockey. If the jockey wins, wins and wins again, expect the win less as horse betting bookmakers will slash the odds not to fork out millions.

Jockey Statistics

Jockey statistics is another set of data that is available for you to use.  Just like horse and trainer data, jockey’s performance is also tracked.  All the data will show the previous current seasons, if the jockey had any big wins and with which horses. Just to place you in the right picture, all the data is available for the last 12 months, so you can check the track record of the said jockey, and in which horse tracks they have excelled.

If you want to crack into the world of horse racing betting, this information is also vital to understand.

The variety of jockeys available

When we talk about any athletes, you will find a variety of. Some have a track record of being titans in the field, others are known for their defense, others for their offence, others for giving it their best.  If you are in the horse racing business, you would know very well that jockeys come in all ways and forms.  We have compiled a list of jockeys that you will find today, the one to look out for and also the ones to avoid.

Apprentice Jockeys: These are the jockeys in training and not the ones that you will find in a professional horse track race. Apprentices would be assigned to a specific stable, and they will be riding and learning.  Once they go through riding winning horses, that is when they are ready for the big boys competitions.

Amateur Jockeys: The Amateur jockey is not the jockey you want for your winning stallion to make it to the top ranks. They will not be available to ride in professional races, but you will definitely find them riding in charity cups and small races.

Conditional Jockeys: The conditional jockey is that jockey that has passed his apprenticeship but is not at the professional level as yet.

Flat Jockey: The flat jockey is still considered a professional rider, but will only ride at flat horse races.  Normally the flay jockey will cover a weight range from 8 to 10 stones.

Female Jockeys:  You might think that horse riders are only males, but  think again, as women horse racers are very much a thing, and they equate to a big percentage of the rider population.

Professional Jockeys: Professional jockeys are jockeys that ride horses full time and do not have a 9-5 job to report to. These jockeys will be either tied to a stable, or if they want to make more money, they will freelance and charge crazy amounts for riding winning horses. This is for the top professional jockeys of course.

The riding jockey reveal

Just when a big race is coming up, the horse racing community is most of the time glued to horse betting sites. This is when everyone wants to know if the winning horse of last season will have the same jockey, or if this time around there will be a change in strategy.  On the other hand, the jockey booking could have a bigger plan.  If a jockey is riding a new horse this season, and the horse is an upcoming star, this means that the stable and the owners of the horse do have high hopes for the new horse. Maybe a new start is being born?

The jockey of a horse will tell you the story behind the horse. If the horse is not getting a winning jockey, he is either not ready for the big competition, or he will be in a couple of years, all depending on performance. 

If the horse owners and trainer see potential in a specific horse, make sure that you make a mental note on that, as that could be a winning bet right there.  A high profile jockey normally gets either an established horse, or tomorrow’s winner. And just to put you in the picture, if a horse has winning streaks, he will have a champion jockey and another champion jockey on standby for any potential race injuries.

What horse jockeys to avoid

Just like the best horses out there, jockeys also play a big part in making your horse bet a successful one.  Uk betting sites that offer horse racing always suggest that you do not bet on the horse with an inexperienced jockey. Compared with the established professional riders, newbie jockeys might not have the stamina and the will power to end a successful race.  Most sports have competitive steaks, and so do jockeys.  Life is never too easy for a new prospect jockey in a world full of established rides. Keep that in mind.

When you place your next horse racing bet, check out the jockey, the stat, the track record and also the season best. All info is vital in you choosin the best horse and jockey combo to bet on./

How to place a bet on horse racing and win

There are many sites out there that offer you horse racing bets.  All of them give you a fair chance at winning, however research is key. You just cannot go to a horse racing site and place a bet on the horse that has the cutest name. That is just not happening. A solid amount of research is key for you to make a successful bet and win at the races.  All the information you need is available at your fingertips with trainer, jockey and ever horse data. Use it. It could be the formula you need to place a bet and win.