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Steady James Continues to Impress, but Early Price Profits Head the September List

Published: 04/10/2016


The aim of Toptipsters is to showcase the best new tipping talent in an environment where you, the punter, can benefit, via low-priced subscriptions to the services on offer. One such service deserves a closer examination, despite the fact that in 16 months with Toptipsters, Peter James has never won a monthly title. What James has achieved, though, is a remarkable level of consistent profit, having finished in the black on twelve occasions – that’s an impressive 75% strike-rate.

During this period – July 2015 to September 2016, James has achieved a profit of more than 123 points with last month’s 29.17-point yield being the highest monthly gain. On average, James advises two to three bets per day. Most are placed as 1-point win bets although some 1-point each-way bets are also advised. 24 of September’s 66 bets were successful (36% strike-rate), while a further two each-way bets earned place money. Prices tend to average out at about 4/1 although they are sometimes significantly higher, particularly with the each-way bets. September’s winners, for example, included 7/1 Breton Rock (Doncaster, 10 September) as well as three 11/2 strikes and one at 5s.

James’ approach will appeal to medium-to-low-risk punters, seeking a long-term profit, but with regular monthly yields built-in. His 90.15-point profit for 2016 places him second in the yearly table, behind the runaway leader, Sprint Specialiser (438.3 points).

Only two services bettered James’ 29.17-point September return. The first was the exciting Early Price Profits, who continued their roller-coaster ride through the summer; they followed an August loss of more than 129 points with a September gain of 97.95 points.

Early Price Profit advise up to ten bets per day, with an overall daily outlay of around 20 points. This means loss days are painful, yet those of profit are frequent with daily returns on investment of up to 100%. A typical example was 29 September, when ten selections resulted in five winners, ranging in price from 9/4 to 9/2. That amounted to a 19-point profit and a 95% ROI.

The service that stood between Early Price Profits and Peter James in the September listing was Blue Ribbon Racing Services, who ended the month with a 29.92-point gain. Blue Ribbon average four bets per day with a staking range between one and three points. Prices average a little over 5/1, with September’s highlight being the Chelmsford City winner, Aventinus (11 September) which was advised at 15/2.

With three months of the year to run it looks as though, baring a major upset, Sprint Specialiser will claim the 2016 title. Despite faltering slightly last month, they hold a commanding lead over Peter James with SG Racing third on 78.91 points and fourth with a tally of 70.30 points.

Finally, mention of the latest member of the Toptipsters portfolio, Sims Racing. This service joined in September, and posted a small debut-month loss. However, with a strike-rate of around 40%, the newcomer is moving in the right direction.