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Crazy October sees Under the Radar claim dramatic victory

Published: 05/11/2017

On the face of it, Under the Radar secured a comfortable victory in October’s Toptipster Challenge. They finished the month with an advantage of more than a hundred points over second placed Early Price Profits with Sprint Specialiser a further fifty points back in third. Yet, these figures hide a remarkable story of fluctuating fortunes during a last week of high drama.

At the close of play on 22 October, Under the Radar were well ahead of their rivals. Sprint Specialiser were a distant second, 77 points behind the leaders with Early Price Profits a further 27 points back in third. Then, Under the Radar suffered a series of reverses that saw a healthy profit of 136 points wither away. By 27 October their yield was down to 46 points. Early Price Profits had moved up to 80.43 points, but Sprint Specialiser, thanks to winners at 14/1 and 7/1, had swept to the top of the table with 100.2 points.

Under the Radar again found the going hard on 28 October, losing another nine points. But, what happened next was nothing short of miraculous. In the space of three days, Under the Radar earned more than 200 points of profit – the result of 18/1 and 25/1 winners. Sprint Specialiser registered a 15-point loss during these three days, while Early Price Profits added a commendable 56 points to their overall profit, finishing the month with a 136.43 gain. Impressive though this was, it was still well short of Under the Radar’s final figure of 248.38 points, the highest Toptipster profit since the same service’s May return of 275.77 points.

By any standards, Under the Radar’s October performance was remarkable. After eight days, they were 140 points down, but the victory of 20/1 advice Knockamany Bends at Ayr (9 October) proved to be a turning point. A slew of big-priced winning advices followed including 33/1 advice Boots And Spurs (Catterick, 21 October), but all the good work appeared in vain, as the profits then took another hit. However, 25/1 advice Bon Chic (Aintree, 29 October) and 18/1 Champagne Bob (Leicester, 30 October) ensured the month ended happily.

In contrast, Early Price Profits made profits at a consistent rate throughout the month, helped along the way by 20/1 Jonny Delta (Musselburgh, 1 October), 25/1 Born To Reason (Wolverhampton, 7 October), 14/1 Hilary J (Newcastle, 24 October) and 18/1 Champagne Bob (Leicester, 30 October). They retain their lead in the overall Toptipster Challenge with a 2017 yield of 567.52 points. Under the Radar are second with 520.91. Sprint Specialiser sit in third position with 315.23 points, followed by Sandbets on 210.56 points and Foresight on 96.10 points.

Sprint Specialiser also scored heavily throughout the month. They were in tremendous form on 21 October when the day’s two selections both prevailed: Librisa Breeze (12/1, Ascot) and Storm Over (9/1 Catterick). Like Early Price Profits, Sprint Specialiser also advised 14/1 Newcastle winner Hilary J (24 October).

In what was truly a month of plenty, there were also profits for Weekly Winners (23.35 points), A B Tips (17.84 points), Sandbets (13.87 points) and Tipster Pro (9.47 points).