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VFM Racing

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Welcome to the return of VFM Racing. It's been many years since we provided our information via our tipping platforms and in those days we advertised on Teletext and in the Racing Post and Sporting Life, how things change!! Thanks to the team at Top Tipsters we have returned to the fore to heap misery on them bookmakers once more. Being a professional gambler for many years now, having previously owned horses and ridden out in the past we have some of the shrewest contacts providing us with top class inside information as well as form book analysis from other professionals and myself. As a service you have to understand the following before joining We do not win all the time. We look for the long term and will overall make you a long term profit as this is an investment rather than a chance to make you an instant millionaire. We get things wrong as we are only human and this is the hardest game of them all. We look for value at all times. Ok so if we haven't put you off let me tell you what we look for in every bet. First of all if a horse isn't value we would rather let it hose up than back it, sounds strange?? Well it's the only way to win long term. Look at a normal punter, he/she will look at a race and pick a horse and back regardless of the price. We price all markets up and if a horse is value at 5/1 but is put in at 11/4 on the books it's a no bet. Added to that we look at everything from ground, track, trip and indeed the opposition and make up of the race. Believe you me when we back a horse we have spent hours on this rather than minutes. Enjoy the thrills and spills and join now and together we can make the bookies pay.

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Yesterday's Tips: 4 July 2020

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  • Start Date: Tuesday, June 5th 2018
  • Profitable Months: 1 / 5 (20%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 15 (ended 13th Sep 2018)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 5 (ended 16th Aug 2018)

VFM Racing Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
October 2018 144 23.61 -106.91 -32.01
September 2018 93 17.20 -87.31 -38.63
August 2018 160 28.75 -8.56 -4.04
July 2018 182 30.22 52.62 16.76
June 2018 132 27.27 -34.70 -14.05


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