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  • 4 or 5 bets per Week
  • Unique betting strategy
  • Obtain absolute Max value


Thanks for taking the time to read about the TradeThePrices horse racing service. Here is a quick overview of what will be on offer and what to expect. An average of 4 or 5 selections per WEEK sent out mid morning. Emails with details for the next few days posting times (these will be varied) and the complete staking strategy which involves pre setting lay in running bets. There will be no bets sent out on Sundays. The service has not been posting on here in recent weeks but is once again fully operational and in very good form. You can check results from now(22 Nov) onwards. We always advise you take the best available BOG price if using traditional Bookmakers but the full service uses Betfair Exchange Win Only and Place Only markets to maximise profits. The cost of the service will remain at the current price until the end of November when it will be reviewed

Yesterday's Tips

Yesterday's Tips: 6 April 2020

Time Course Bet Horse Rec.
S.P. Res P&L
No Selections
Total P&L: 0.00

NS = Not Settled (Yet); NR = Non-Runner. Bets settled using B.O.G. - see our FAQ


  • Start Date: Wednesday, April 4th 2018
  • Profitable Months: 4 / 9 (44%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 17 (ended 22nd May 2018)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 3 (ended 30th Jun 2018)

TradeThePrices Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
December 2018 21 14.29 -43.03 -70.53
November 2018 21 28.57 12.40 23.85
October 2018 60 20.00 -62.21 -34.56
September 2018 66 19.70 -27.31 -14.30
August 2018 67 31.34 34.93 32.34
July 2018 45 17.78 -30.90 -46.11
June 2018 51 23.53 -41.02 -48.25
May 2018 70 18.57 12.97 13.95
April 2018 51 25.49 58.85 81.74


Graph based on £1/point

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