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Tony Mc Racing

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  • Professional Gambler Turned Tipster
  • Genuine Good Priced Tips - No Odds On
  • Average Approximately 3 Bets to 7. a day


Welcome to Tony Mc Racing. I am a professional gambler turned tipster, with many years experience in the field of horse racing. My system is based on using my experience and looking for value in the market by assessing the form of the horses and comparing this to the odds that are available by the major bookmakers. This means that my recommended selections have good odds and a number of horses have already won at available odds of up to 33-1. To maximize profit, I advise that you always take the best early odds available to you online as early as possible, and I hence aim to post my selections by mid-morning at the latest. Many selections do get backed in as the day progresses. I usually have my bets as e/way but will put some as win when I feel it beneficial to do so. Due to my continued success, I have recently had some knock backs (refusal to accept bets at required stake) on some bets from a few online bookmakers, so I have hence decided to share my success with you. Based on my daily assessment, I will tip approximately 3 too 7 horses a day and suggest how many points to bet on each selection. My recommendation would be to stake £10 per point, but that is obviously your choice. I also promise you that I bet on all my own selections at the specified number of points, so you can be assured that I am in this to win with you. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to sharing the benefits of my experience. Tony Mc

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Yesterday's Tips: 19 June 2018

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  • Start Date: Friday, May 5th 2017
  • Profitable Months: 5 / 12 (42%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 17 (ended 28th Aug 2017)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 3 (ended 18th May 2018)

Tony Mc Racing Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
May 2018 91 19.78 -167.54 -61.37
April 2018 29 27.59 42.60 48.97
March 2018 28 21.43 -17.25 -20.54
January 2018 24 20.83 -58.89 -81.80
December 2017 28 17.86 -34.29 -43.96
November 2017 32 37.50 36.78 51.80
October 2017 19 15.79 -17.40 -37.02
September 2017 34 26.47 0.67 0.84
August 2017 42 9.52 -25.50 -26.84
July 2017 82 17.07 19.70 10.71
June 2017 79 13.92 -19.00 -10.61
May 2017 65 16.92 25.25 17.53


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