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The Inside Man

The Inside Man

At a glance

  • Produces 258 points profit / year
  • That's £6,450 to £25 per point stakes
  • 2-3 bets per day, posted by 11.00am


The Inside Man is a pro racing tipster who knows how to find winners consistently. Over many years in the racing game, he has made a wide array of stable and trainer connections, and by developing unique analysis methods to use alongside information from these connections, has been able to enjoy a very lucrative betting career. For the first time ever, The Inside Man has decided to allow a strictly limited number of people access to his personal selections - exclusive to Top Tipsters! The service focuses purely on win and each way betting, providing on average 2-3 bets per day, monday to saturday. There are no bets on Sundays. To level stakes the service produces 258 points profit per year, which is an average of 21.5 points profit per month. At reasonable £25 per point stakes this would earn you £6,450 per year, or on average £537.50 per month. As you can see, the earning potential is high at reasonable stakes, and covers the relative subscription fee (as little as £37.50 per month) many times over. We advise using a 200 point bankroll with this service, so by dividing your bankroll by 200 you will get the amount we advise to stake per point. The amount of points to stake per bet will be provided with each days selections. Sign up now to get instant access to The Inside Man's personal selections, and start earning those much sought after profits today!

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Yesterday's Tips: 12 July 2020

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  • Start Date: Monday, December 15th 2014
  • Profitable Months: 2 / 6 (33%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 26 (ended 24th Feb 2015)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 4 (ended 4th Feb 2015)

The Inside Man Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
May 2015 33 9.09 -17.80 -28.71
April 2015 73 13.70 36.40 28.00
March 2015 134 12.69 -15.00 -6.22
February 2015 111 20.72 97.96 47.79
January 2015 134 12.69 -9.45 -3.71
December 2014 36 5.56 -27.40 -58.30


Graph based on £1/point

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