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  • Quality information
  • Long term profits
  • 2-4 bets per day maybe more at weekends


THE INFO LINE The info line offers members the chance to be one step ahead of the bookie, with info direct from trainers and contacts within the horse racing fraternity. We receive strong information daily from across racing yards in the U.K. Selections will be sent out between 11am-12 once all the info comes in. Only the strongest info will be sent out, generally 1-2 bets a day. Join us in this opportunity to take money off the bookies on a regular basis. All our bets are usually 5pt wins but as this site only allows max 3pts all bets will be advised 3pt each way to maximise profits. Please remember whilst info is of the highest calibre not every horse will win, but we will have an advantage over the general punter. Having reviewed November’s bets on the basis of only the strongest info going out daily, it seems we’ve been missing out on winning bets based on info being advised at selections only having each way chances then winning at double figure prices. Based on this info we will be advising more selections daily.

Yesterday's Tips

Yesterday's Tips: 19 June 2018

Time Course Bet Horse Rec.
S.P. Res P&L
14:30 Royal Ascot EW 3pt Lightning Spear 12 NS 0.00
15:05 Royal Ascot EW 1pt Blown By Wind 41 NS 0.00
16:20 Royal Ascot WIN 3pt Without Parole 4 NS 0.00
Total P&L: 0.00

NS = Not Settled (Yet); NR = Non-Runner. Bets settled using B.O.G. - see our FAQ


  • Start Date: Wednesday, November 1st 2017
  • Profitable Months: 4 / 8 (50%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 16 (ended 28th May 2018)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 6 (ended 6th May 2018)


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Date Bets Strike Rate
June 2018 40 35.00 -7.50 -6.35
May 2018 75 24.00 2.39 1.13
April 2018 59 25.42 6.18 3.49
March 2018 86 27.91 -100.09 -39.10
February 2018 91 34.07 66.90 24.51
January 2018 104 21.15 -169.20 -56.40
December 2017 111 29.73 5.48 1.69
November 2017 81 28.40 -29.95 -12.64


Today's Tips

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