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Past The Post Racing

Past The Post Racing

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Since 2015 Past The Post Racing has provided its members with some of the best industry insights and information collecting over 400 points profit along the way. That is £4,000 at £10 per point (£1,000 starting investment). If your betting bank is double that size, however, your profits are £7,000 and so on. Your betting bank will either increase over a period or decrease over a period, therefore your stake needs to be properly adjusted to suit. (see bottom of page) We are confident we can improve our members’ long-term profits, giving them an edge over those greedy bookmakers. What we aim to do is help punters make a steady profit and keep ahead of the Bookies. We appeal mainly to punters who will stake between £5 and £50 per point. Level stakes, however, are also highly profitable at Past The Post Racing We aim to help our clients ‘Beat The Bookies’ Our best odds range (highest profit made) is between 4/1 and 9/1, so you can expect to have plenty of nicely priced winners. If we do send out a horse which seems too short, we are probably very confident, and this will be reflected in the stakes advised. We will give out an average of 10-20 bets per week. We are professional in our approach, and we only back horses when we think we can win. Don’t worry if we do not have a bet for a few days, as betting for the sake of it can be very dangerous. Racing is a game of DISCIPLINE, and if people treat it like a business, then they will profit. STAKING PLAN: Our staking plan is a points system which uses 1% of your betting bank per point. If for instance, you start with £500, a 1 point win will be £5 to win. If your first bet is a 10 point win and it loses, your 1 point is now worth £4.50. We believe this system should stop the punter from hitting £0 at any point. Our first aim once a member is signed up is to recover their subscription fee which is 6 points at £5 per point. Our second job is to keep increasing their betting bank using the system stated. We look at betting simply as stocks and shares and the value of your share will either increase or decrease depending on the results (stock), using our past results we can make a conclusive forecast that whatever losing streaks we hit, we bounce back and end up way in front eventually. Members must look at this investment as a long-term program and the beauty is that you get to enjoy the sport of kings whilst your betting bank grows. We believe in our service and have complete conviction in our abilities to provide members with long-term gains. There are no get rich quick schemes, there is no magic involved, success breeds success and Past The Post Racing will keep on evolving and keep on learning until eventually, the poor bookmaker admits defeat. To help us in our quest, please take serious note of the following; Do not pick your own horses Do not chase losses Be patient and disciplined and profits will follow.

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Yesterday's Tips: 12 July 2020

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  • Start Date: Thursday, November 16th 2017
  • Profitable Months: 4 / 8 (50%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 14 (ended 12th Jun 2018)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 4 (ended 9th Mar 2018)

Past The Post Racing Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
June 2018 86 17.44 -51.80 -25.90
May 2018 88 30.68 15.50 11.74
April 2018 54 22.22 -36.45 -39.62
March 2018 41 29.27 -30.38 -34.53
February 2018 32 37.50 10.16 14.12
January 2018 79 25.32 38.61 29.70
December 2017 76 26.32 -27.57 -23.56
November 2017 39 35.90 28.40 39.44


Graph based on £1/point

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