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MAX BETS With top class contacts and form book gods we provide a service that simply put makes money. Yes we back losers, yes we get it wrong sometimes but month on month we make our living from horse racing and now offer you the chance to join us. As an ex owner and ex trainers race advisor I know many things that others don't. Let me tell you about a day I went to the track to back my trainers horse for him (as well as myself). We had found the perfect race and the horse was bouncing and was in our opinion a shoe in. What a shocker when after a couple of furlongs our horse was pulled up. What went wrong?? Well the jockey told us he felt something was amiss. When the vet checked the horse over and found nothing wrong it seemed really strange and gutting that we had done our money on what was what we thought a well executed plan. The next day the lad leading our horse up told us that our jockey had told him not to back ours but get on another trainers horse who was being gambled by that stable. We were furious as the jockey only had to relay the information to us and we would have backed the other horse. Anyway it shows so many ins and outs in the game that people don't know. So join us and make your betting pay.

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Yesterday's Tips: 4 July 2020

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  • Start Date: Saturday, July 7th 2018
  • Profitable Months: 0 / 4 (0%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 23 (ended 27th Jul 2018)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 5 (ended 8th Jul 2018)

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Date Bets Strike Rate
October 2018 43 27.91 -23.34 -21.22
September 2018 54 29.63 -73.09 -50.06
August 2018 64 23.44 -66.91 -35.97
July 2018 177 26.55 -170.24 -42.56


Graph based on £1/point

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