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Best Value Tipping Service

Best Value Tipping Service

At a glance

  • Identifying through a specially devised formula longer-priced horses who should run better than their price suggests.
  • Focused on eliciting a long-term profit by putting a small amount on a wide range of long-priced horses.
  • Not taking chances by bundling everything onto one or two selections.


We are a new service that identifies longer-priced horses (a minimum of 8/1) that our specially devised formula suggests will run better than the odds imply. The advantage with a formula based system is that it is more likely to guarantee consistent results. If over a period of time using a particular formula yields a profit, it is highly likely that over the next similar period it will do so again. This said, we make no false promises. Because we are recommending longer-priced horses, the majority of our tips will still lose. However, at the odds of the horses we tip, you only need one in ten to win to make a profit overall. Any more than that and you are absolutely laughing! The service can recommend anywhere between two and ten horses a day, depending on how many horses meet the formula's requirements (occasionally it recommends two in the same race). We always recommend a stake of one point to win per horse. This is because the strategy is based on spreading risk across a large number of horses with the aim that the relatively long odds of those that win will cover the stakes of all those that lose and elicit a profit. How many pounds you equate a point to is entirely up to you, but by all means keep your stakes low for the first month (even just £2 per horse on Betfair) while you gain a sense of how well the service works for you. After that, you may wish to sign up for longer, and maybe even increase your stakes! Despite the length of the odds of the horses we tip, we recommend win only betting. This is purely because observation has shown that overall profits are higher when the whole stake is used to win rather than being split to make an each way bet. There will always be some days when you lose out by betting only to win (e.g. if three horses place but none win), but in the long-term the greater amount won from win only bets when horses do get their head in front usually outweigh these.

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Yesterday's Tips: 4 July 2020

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NS = Not Settled (Yet); NR = Non-Runner. Bets settled using B.O.G. - see our FAQ


  • Start Date: Tuesday, November 6th 2018
  • Profitable Months: 5 / 9 (56%)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 38 (ended 13th Apr 2019)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 2 (ended 1st May 2019)

Best Value Tipping Service Results

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Date Bets Strike Rate
July 2019 9 0.00 -9.00 -100.00
June 2019 72 5.56 -32.33 -44.90
May 2019 102 8.82 0.78 0.76
April 2019 102 5.88 -38.00 -37.26
March 2019 38 13.16 8.86 23.32
February 2019 55 5.45 -24.60 -44.73
January 2019 57 7.02 2.00 3.51
December 2018 72 9.72 1.45 2.01
November 2018 73 10.96 15.50 21.23


Graph based on £1/point

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